I am so proud, humbled (and also honoured) that 2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Street Sounds ELECTRO 1! 

The music that Street Sounds championed became the voice and soundtrack to not only our generation but is still as relevant today AND that we can say that we were part of the revolution! 

The ELECTRO albums, which evolved into the HIP HOP genre were so much more than a collection of songs, they were OUR (counter)culture & awakening. Electro vol.1 was released in October 1983, the series were considered a ‘passage of right’ to a generation of children and teenagers into the culture of Hip Hop. The albums brought New York Electro/Hip Hop music and the culture it represented to the streets of Britain. 

  • ...THE BEATS

    Were raw, dirty, uncompromising, they identified our generation,


     of the MCs were a social commentary of what was happening on the street and to our discord to 'the man', conformity and our parents’ generation, 

  • ...THE CLOTHES, 

    sneakers & caps were our uniform of rebellion, a symbol of what we felt & who we were, our statement and declaration that we didn't give a fuck about what other people thought, 


    was our visual language & art of free expression, an indelible mark to say 'I was here' and 


    was a statement of 'I am', B-Boy battles brought us together and actually resolved street fights. 

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As important, the ELECTRO albums introduced many of us to the creative & innovative arts of DJing (turntablism) and Beatboxing.

2023 also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop...what a landmark & testament to the longevity Hip Hop culture!


I have ELECTRO/HIP HOP in my blood and pledge that the best is yet to come, because there is a fire that burns so hot & bright inside me...WATCH THIS SPACE!


Respect & love,

Morgan Khan

Founder and owner of Street Sounds